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1. Knox A, Scaling A, Pinto M, Bliesner B, Haughian J,  Abdel-Hafiz H, Horwitz K (2014). Modeling luminal breast cancer heterogeneity: combination therapy to suppress a hormone receptor-negative, cytokeratin 5-positive subpopulation in luminal disease. Breast Cancer Res, 16(4):418.

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2. Perez-Leighton C, Grace M, Billington C, Kotz C (2014). Role of spontaneous physical activity in prediction of susceptibility to activity based anorexia in male and female rats. Physiol Behav, 135:104-11.

3. Teske J, Perez-Leighton C, Billington C, Kotz C (2014). Methodological considerations for measuring spontaneous physical activity in rodents. Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol , 15:306(10):R714-21.

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4. Zink A, Perez-Leighton C, Kotz C (2014). The orexin neuropeptide system: Physical activity and hypothalamic function throughout the aging process. Front Syst Neurosce, 211(8):1-10.

5. Vilos C, Constandil L,  Rodas,  Zepeda K, Cantin M, Velasquez L ( 2014). Evaluation Of ceftiofur PHBV Microparticles in rats. Drug Des. Dev. Ther, 8:651-661.

6. Otero C, Peñaloza J, Rodas P, Fernandez-Ramires R, Velásquez L, Jung J (2014). Temporal and spatial regulation of cAMP signalling in disease: role of cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterases. Fund Clin Pharmacol, 28(6): 593-607.

7. Choi W, Kamaly N, Riol-Blanco L, Lee I, Wu J, Swami A, Vilos C, Yameen B, Yu M, Shi J, Tabas I, von Andrian U, Jon S, Farokhzad O (2014). Solvent-free Thermosponge Nanoparticle%

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