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  • Publicaciones 2012

1. Laurido C, Hernández A, Pelissier T, Constandil L. Antinociceptive effect of rat D-serine racemase inhibitors, L-serine-O-sulfate, and L-erythro-3-hydroxyaspartate in an arthritic pain model. ScientificWorldJournal. 279147.2012.

2. Constandil L, Goich M, Hernández A, Bourgeais L, Cazorla M, Hamon M, Villanueva L, Pelissier T. Cyclotraxin-B, a new TrkB antagonist, and glial blockade by propentofylline, equally prevent and reverse cold allodynia induced by BDNF or partial infraorbital nerve constriction in mice. J Pain. (6):579-89. 2012.

3. Morales F, Constandil L, Pelissier T, Hernandez A, Laurido C. Antinociceptive interaction of (+/-)-CPP and propentofylline in monoarthritic rats. Arthritis Res Ther. (4):R196. 2012.

4. Weisberg E, Croxatto HB, Findlay JK, Burger HG, Fraser. A randomized study of the effect of mifepristone alone or in conjunction with ethinyl estradiol on ovarian function in women using the etonogestrel-releasing subdermal implant, Implanon. Contraception. (84):600-608. 2012.

5. Vargas MF, Tapia-Pizarro AA, Henr��quez SP, Quezada M, Salvatierra AM, Noe G, Munroe DJ, Velasquez LA, Croxatto HB. Effect of single post-ovulatory administration of levonorgestrel on gene expression profile during the receptive period of the human endometrium. J Mol Endocrinol. (25):25-36. 2012-10-30.

6. Hermanny A, Bahamondes MV, Fazano F, Marchi NM, Ortiz ME, Genghini MH, Croxatto HB, Bahamondes L. In vitro assessment of some sperm functions following exposure to levonorgestrel in human fallopian tubes. Reprod Biol Endocrinol.

7. Brache V, Sitruk-Ware R, Williams A, Blithe D, Croxatto H, Kumar N, Kumar S, Tsong YY, Sivin I, Nath A, Sussman H, Cochon L, Miranda MJ, Reyes V, Faundes A, Mishell D Jr. Effects of a novel estrogen-free, progesterone receptor modulator contraceptive vaginal ring on inhibition of ovulation, bleeding patterns and endometrium in normal women. Contraception. 2012. @ visit this site @ where to buy anabolic steroids @ the smart pill @ besthghpills4sale

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8. Karin Schaeuble, Mark A. Hauser, Alexandra V. Rippl, Carolina Otero, Marcus Groettrup and Daniel F. Legler. Ubiquitylation of the Chemokine Receptor CCR7 Enables Efficient Receptor Recycling and Cell Migration. Journal of Cell Science. 2012

9. Viviana Valdés, José Ignacio Valenzuela, Daniela A. Salas, Matías Jaureguiberry-Bravo, Carolina Otero, Christina Thiede, Christoph F Schmidt and Andrés Couve. Endoplasmic Reticulum Sorting and the Kinesin Kif5 Command the Targeting of Axonal GABAB Receptors. PLoS ONE, 7(8): e44168. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0044168

10. Carolina Otero, Viacheslav Nikolaev, Paula Sánchez, Claudia Metz and Alfonso González. PDE4D Isoforms Regulate Endocytosis-Dependent EGFR Levels at the Cell Surface. FEBS J.

11. Andrés Norambuena, Claudia Metz, Juan E. Jung, Antonia Silva, Carolina Otero, Jorge Cancino, Claudio Retamal, Juan Carlos Valenzuela, Andrea Soza and Alfonso González. Phosphatidic Acid Induces Ligand-independent EGFR Endocytic Traffic Through PDE4 Activation. Molecular Cell Biology, 2010, 21:2916-2929.

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12. C. Zayas, I. Tobar, J. Tobar, M. Lastre, D. Arencibia, L. Velásquez and O. Perez. Evaluación citotóxica de Adyuvantes Finlay en células de fibroblasto de embrión de pollo y de salmon. Toxicology on line

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