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Nanotechnology and primary hemostasis: Differential effects of nanoparticles on platelet responses. Matus, M. F., Vilos, C., Cisterna, B. A., Fuentes, E. & Palomo, I. 1 feb 2018 En : Vascular Pharmacology. 101, p. 1-8 8 p.

Androgens modulate male-derived endothelial cell homeostasis using androgen receptor-dependent and receptor-independent mechanisms Torres-Estay, V., Carreño, D. V., Fuenzalida, P., Watts, A., San Francisco, I. F., Montecinos, V. P., Sotomayor, P. C., Ebos, J., Smith, G. J. & Godoy, A. S. 1 feb 2017 En : Angiogenesis. 20, 1, p. 25-38 14 p.

Substituted bidentate and ancillary ligands modulate the bioimaging properties of the classical Re(i) tricarbonyl core with yeasts and bacteria (New Journal of Chemistry (2017) 41 (2140–2147). Carreño, A., Aros, A. E., Otero, C., Polanco, R., Gacitúa, M., Arratia-Pérez, R. & Fuentes, J. A. 2017 En : New Journal of Chemistry. 41, 7, p. 2826 1 p.

Targeted brain delivery nanoparticles for malignant gliomas. Pinto, M. P., Arce, M., Yameen, B. & Vilos, C. 1 ene 2017 En : Nanomedicine. 12, 1, p. 59-72 14 p.

Proteína Morfogenética Ósea y su Opción como tratamiento de la fisura alveolar. Uribe, F., Cantín, M., Alister, J. P., Vilos, C., Fariña, R. & Olate, S. 2017 En : International Journal of Morphology. 35, 1, p. 310-318 9 p.

Optimization of fibrin gelation for enhanced cell seeding and proliferation in regenerative medicine applications. Choi, W. I., Yameen, B., Vilos, C., Sahu, A., Jo, S. M., Sung, D. & Tae, G. 1 ene 2017 En : Polymers for Advanced Technologies. 28, 1, p. 124-129 6 p.

Intracellular trafficking and cellular uptake mechanism of PHBV nanoparticles for targeted delivery in epithelial cell lines. Peñaloza, J. P., Márquez-Miranda, V., Cabaña-Brunod, M., Reyes-Ramírez, R., Llancalahuen, F. M., Vilos, C., Maldonado-Biermann, F., Velásquez, L. A., Fuentes, J. A., González-Nilo, F. D., Rodríguez-Díaz, M. & Otero, C. 3 ene 2017 En : Journal of Nanobiotechnology. 15, 1, 1

Inhibición de angiogénesis y progresión tumoral por inhibidor selectivo de ciclooxigenasa-2 celecoxib asociado con Ácido (poli láctico co-glicólico) en línea de células tumorales resistentes a quimioterapia. Roa Henríquez, I., Cantín, M., Vilos, C., Rosas, C. & Lemus, D. 1 jun 2017 En : International Journal of Morphology. 35, 2, p. 733-739 7 p.

Bioinspired Heparin Nanosponge Prepared by Photo-crosslinking for Controlled Release of Growth Factors. Choi, W. I., Sahu, A., Vilos, C., Kamaly, N., Jo, S. M., Lee, J. H. & Tae, G. 1 dic 2017 En : Scientific Reports. 7, 1, 14351

Antiplatelet effect of differentially charged PEGylated lipid-polymer nanoparticles. Fuentes, E., Yameen, B., Bong, S. J., Salvador-Morales, C., Palomo, I. & Vilos, C. 1 abr 2017 En : Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology, and Medicine. 13, 3, p. 1089-1094 6 p.

HDAC 1 and 6 modulate cell invasion and migration in clear cell renal cell carcinoma. Ramakrishnan, S., Ku, S. Y., Ciamporcero, E., Miles, K. M., Attwood, K., Chintala, S., Shen, L., Ellis, L., Sotomayor, P., Swetzig, W., Huang, R., Conroy, D., Orillion, A., Das, G. & Pili, R. 2016 En : BMC Cancer. 16, 1, 617.

Escaping antiangiogenic therapy: Strategies employed by cancer cells. Pinto, M. P., Sotomayor, P., Carrasco-Avino, G., Corvalan, A. H. & Owen, G. I. 6 sep 2016 En : International Journal of Molecular Sciences. 17, 9, 1489

Theoretical and experimental characterization of a novel pyridine benzimidazole: Suitability for fluorescence staining in cells and antimicrobial properties Carreño, A., Gacitúa, M., Fuentes, J. A., Páez-Hernández, D., Araneda, C., Chávez, I., Soto-Arriaza, M., Manríquez, J. M., Polanco, R., Mora, G. C., Otero, C., Swords, W. B. & Arratia-Pérez, R. 2016 En : New Journal of Chemistry. 40, 3, p. 2362-2375 14 p.

The NarE protein of neisseria gonorrhoeae catalyzes ADP-ribosylation of several ADP-ribose acceptors despite an N-terminal deletion. Rodas, P. I., Álamos-Musre, A. S., Álvarez1, F. P., Escobar, A., Tapia, C. V., Osorio, E., Otero, C., Calderón, I. L., Fuentes, J. A., Gil, F., Paredes-Sabja, D. & Christodoulides, M. 1 sep 2016 En : FEMS Microbiology Letters. 363, 17, fnw181

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Effect of Terminal Groups of Dendrimers in the Complexation with Antisense Oligonucleotides and Cell Uptake. Márquez-Miranda, V., Peñaloza, J. P., Araya-Durán, I., Reyes, R., Vidaurre, S., Romero, V., Fuentes, J., Céric, F., Velásquez, L., González-Nilo, F. D. & Otero, C. 1 dic 2016 En : Nanoscale Research Letters. 11, 1, p. 1-13 13 p., 66

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Targeted Interleukin-10 Nanotherapeutics Developed with a Microfluidic Chip Enhance Resolution of Inflammation in Advanced Atherosclerosis Kamaly, N., Fredman, G., Fojas, J. J. R., Subramanian, M., Choi, W. I., Zepeda, K., Vilos, C., Yu, M., Gadde, S., Wu, J., Milton, J., Carvalho Leitao, R., Rosa Fernandes, L., Hasan, M., Gao, H., Nguyen, V., Harris, J., Tabas, I. & Farokhzad, O. C. 24 may 2016 En : ACS Nano. 10, 5, p. 5280-5292 13 p.

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Effect of single post-ovulatory administration of mifepristone (RU486) on transcript profile during the receptive period in human endometrium Cuevas, C. A., Tapia-Pizarro, A., Salvatierra, A. M., Munroe, D. J., Velasquez, L. & Croxatto, H. B. 1 abr 2016 En : Reproduction. 151, 4, p. 331-349 19 p.

Chitosan functionalized thermosponge nano-carriers for prolonged retention and local delivery of chymopapain at the nucleus pulposus in porcine discs ex vivo Choi, W. I., Sahu, A., Vilos, C., Lee, J. H., Kim, S., Hong, Y. K., Sul, D., Hwang, S. W., Lee, S. H. & Tae, G. 2016 En : RSC Advances. 6, 93, p. 90967-90972 6 p.